Museums are the shit (if I do say so myself)

If I do say so myself, If I do say so myself. 
They have also been my soul playground these past two months. 
                                                          ^ mmmhhhmmmm

July and August have been a reconciliation with creativity. I don't ever recall going to so many art museums to creativitate: to cultivate my creativity.
My creative garden was starting to rot- I wasn't taking very good care of it. Life distracted me from it and it began to wither away, a cold harsh winter ravaging it. The garden has always been there; it used to be a Versailles. Now? It's rusty. Unattended, weed infested. 
I'm Mary Lennox has rediscovered her own secret garden; scary at first and somewhat overwhelming. But square by square I can still find some flowers, seeds budding and the birds have come back to sing. The garden is blossoming again.

What I'm saying is: I'm curing my head space once again.

Visiting these museums has been refreshing and oh so necessary. They remind me that it's okay. That it's good to make art. Or that it's good to make, period. 

And now my moleskine has been filling up with museum stickers! 
The outside are mostly all brazilian- the insides have some from Japan, Thailand and the US.
Also a little sketch I made (Gram and Cramps).

i wish I'd drawn that bottom right one- it's from this book below:

1 Page at a Time - go visit and follow him on tumblr *

I bought this book - which is due out in the US on October (the perks of being bilingual *wink wink*) and already  I know it will be a great companion on this renewing journey.  
My birthday's a couple of days away... This new year is already starting to take form. 

Back to museums...
The last one I went to was MAC USP - located in front/next to Ibirapuera Park. Henrique Oliveira's exhibition is phenomenal. I had fun walking in it and taking pictures (will post those up later).

That- however- doesn't stop me from taking and sharing selfies-the light was just right for what I had in mind. 

                                                 This is just the beginning.


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