February Skies (& More Room Goings-On)

Extreme skies in February so far.
One minute it was sunny & bright, the next- gray and rainy.
Then I noticed an unusual yellow-orange light filling up my room.


It proceeded to change colours: pink & blue.


Here's a time lapse of the craziness.
Mexico City's pretty awesome.

And just for kicks, another preview of a nook in my room as it is now...


I've had this stereo for years. Probably close to 13+ years.
5 out of those years it hasn't been able to play CDs and one speaker doesn't work.
I just always work with what I have, but I think it's time to say goodbye to it now.


My niece and nephews love to play with the fishes

I've made drafts of the room-set up on paper and I'm pleased with a couple of outcomes. Hopefully this coming weekend I'll get down to do it.
Next up: Choosing fabric to upholster a couch.

How's your February?

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