A Room of One's Own (With a View)

I'm not sure what I meant with that either. 
What I do know is, I want - and, more importantly, need - a room makeover.
Maybe it's because the new year has finally dawned on me, or because I've had the same setup for who-knows-how-many-years; it's time for a change!

Only thing is, I'm not sure how to go about it.
I've book cases, a bed & boudoir and not enough walls to begin with.
I want new bedspreads. I want my round couch reupholstered. 
I also want a wooden floor (though the blue carpet is great for floor reading...).

I love colours. I love monotone.
I love coordinated. I love meshed.
I love classic. I love bohemian.
I love grown up. I love kiddy. 

I need to find the right balance.
This is where other bloggers and Pinterest come to the rescue.
Here are a few inspiring pictures I just felt like sharing (because who knows better about Interior Design than bloggers, am I right?)

Photo by Kate Gabrielle of Scathingly Brilliant; found in this lovely post of hers.

Micaela Hoo - of Drifter & the Gypsy- posted a fantastic set of photos  of a dream studio apartment that had me swooning.
This cozy & perfect residence belongs to Kara of I Just Might Explode.

Also, dream loft, much?

  And a few snaps of where I want to begin the makeover...This is what my desk area has looked liked for as long as I can remember.

I had this crazy idea of adding more pastel colours onto the 'spongy' wall. Lilac, yellow, mint green, pink, all come to mind...



Jimmy Fallon was a big deal for me when I was 13. And Gollum. And cats. And so many other things...

I'm trying to decide what to do with my iMac G4.
This + this is what I would ideally want it to be turned into.

And I'm also keen on a new printer/scanner  -  recommendations?

How often do you makeover your room? Where do you find inspiration?

I hope to report on great changes soon.
Stay classy.


  1. Ooh, such wonderful inspiration pictures! I saved a few for my own decorating plans;)

    Anyway, you have a nice desk and I'm sure you can make some lovely changes to that area. You could also put some nice patterned paper or fabric to the backboard.

    And I hope you get to make a lamp like that:D


    P.S. I loved Middlesex too! And the Marriage Plot was amazing as well. I have to admit I got slightly less interested as I reached the final 100 pages. But that's not that bad considering it had me reading obsessively from the start. It's not necessarily a storyline I'd be interested in, but he wrote it so well and the characters are all really different from one another. Anyway, I do really recommend it! if you read it, let me know what you think, ok?

  2. Oh, I love the idea of putting patterned fabric on the backboard! Thanks for that :)
    I'll let you know about Marriage Plot once I get my hands on it!

    1. Great:D

      Also, I'd been wondering... Did you also not read the Virgin Suicides yet? It seems like the one to read first yet I still haven't gotten round to it haha(, despite the fact that I do own a copy).

  3. Anonymous4.2.13

    Right now I live back with my parents so I don't do too much with my room because all my stuff is stored away in the U.S. But when I did live in an apartment I made over my room quite a lot, always rearranging, adding new colors, etc. I can't wait til I eventually move to San Francisco and have my own place, I think I might go a little crazy designing everything.