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Life has been going on at full speed; not that I ever actually do update my blog, but it has been harder to do these past months. 

I went to New York to an incredible workshop where I danced my heart and feet out and met some awesome people. 
I came back home to a Ballet exam and to a performance. 
My last semester has been taking its toll on me emotionally and we are now finally ready to start our final presentation: a full length musical. 

 We had this week off; to Americans, it's Spring Break. For us, it's Holy Week (the week previous to Easter). I'm not much of a religious person, so to me it's just a nice week off (where I'll probably end up watching Jesus Christ Superstar because, well, it's fitting, no?). 

I went off to Veracruz to visit my grandmother and take some days off the web. Reading, eating, sleeping was done- to which I am grateful because it was much needed. 

Mexico City is pretty rad. 

Wednesday, the first day of April; a lazy day. 
Some more reading, film watching, nail painting, writing will be done. And it's days like these that make me happy. 

What is everyone reading? Or watching? 

And how is life? 

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  1. It does sound quite exciting! And I hope you'll have a nice break and a lovely Easter:) And I get that blogging slips between the cracks every once and a while, however, I'm still super happy whenever I see a new post of yours.

    And your lazy days sound lovely! I could need a few of those, but I'm just riding this wave of usefulness haha… I am even reading some self-help books, but also the sequel to Mistborn just for pleasure. I pop in random movies to fit my mood, but I have been coming back to the original Addams Family series a lot. I love that!
    I did recently bought the dvd of the French life-action + cgi version of Beauty and the beast, so I really hope to pop that in soon.

    Have a happy weekend!