Ramble On

There's not much to say- or at least I don't feel like there is- except that I feel the need to write. 

I'm trying to get my life on track. No, that's not it. I'm trying to get myself to keep up with life, or the life I want.
The weeks have flown by already and I feel like there's so much I have and want to do but not enough hours in a day. And more so for me to rest or breathe or stop and take a look around and appreciate all that has happened and is happening.

I guess I am overwhelmed- and a little stressed; something I'm not happy about.
It's strange because I'm doing all I want to do, so shouldn't I be 'taking it easy' and just enjoying it?

I had a huge breakout on my face due to stress; it's a fair warning I'm taking as an opportunity to chill out and give myself whatever I need. Especially time out and time with myself.

In other happy/light news: I'll be in New York for two weeks soon!

Seriously, what am I even stressing about?! 


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