City Sidewalks, Busy Sidewalks: The Highlights

No more sounds of silver bells 'round most corners these days now. 
Being back at work (and back at school) makes me miss the holidays, if only because I wish I could spend everyday in pj's what with the cold front still lingering on.

Travelling here and there for Christmas and New Year's didn't leave much time for relaxing, but it did make for fun and eventful holidays.
This might one of the exceptions where pictures don't speak louder than words; don't get me wrong, I'm fond of the snowy pictures and I managed to capture some key moments on camera, but they're nothing out of the ordinary (way to promote yourself, Mariana...)

Having said that, may I (still) please take you along my favourite moments of the 2012 Holidays.

Christmas was spent in Michigan, where I was treated to snow by none other than Mother Nature.
This was just the Christmas gift I was hoping for.

A beautiful sunset at the Henry Ford Museum parking lot also made for a lovely surprise.

The museum is worth a visit- there's more to it than just cars and I guarantee a fun time.
The limited exhibition was Lego buildings- some of which took more than 3,000 hours to plan and build.

That's my little niece with her purse in hand.
Gahh, she's adorable.


On the way out, I had to take a picture with my old friend Gandalf.

It started snowing one afternoon and my brother quickly led me to the most photogenic place around.

Of course we all snapped some pictures of each other.

Most importantly, I re-lived a White Christmas dream.
Christmas morning greeted us with a warm and colourful sky. 

My niece got one of those pillow lites and we kept running off to the closet throughout the day to remind ourselves how cool Santa's gift was. I kind of want one too...

I decided to save New Year's for another post, as a sort of Mexican traditions sort of thing.
Stay tuned!
How were your holidays?

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  1. Anonymous17.1.13

    How lovely! I wish that one day I can see and feel snow! I hope you will visit my blog! Angelina xx