It's so daunting.

The white page is still one of my most feared enemies.
It's been ages since I've written (here or for my sake, etc etc) but it's been at the tip of my brain and fingertips, gnawing at me.
I open up a page- a document- and zip. I freak out and immediately turn my mind to something else.

And there's SO much to say. There are so many ideas in my head just waiting to be let out.

Right now it's 6 in the afternoon in what was a sunny Campeche a couple of hours ago, but now is cloudy and cooling off with some rain.
I worked with some kids most of the morning and looking forward to some yoga time soon. These yoga folks I've just met yesterday, but they are pretty nice and welcoming.

Even thunder is an excuse to distract me from writing...

Why Campeche, you ask? Well, it was offered to me and I had nothing to lose (and nothing better to do)... And because what's better than traveling and staying busy to get over a heart break, am I right?

That's me being crazy in the city center cathedral (in other words, me being me).

I'll get back in the hang of blog writing- I know I at least have one reader (Maria, I'm looking at you hehe).

So. Happy Tuesday Evening (or Wednesday morning or whatever you day you're living).

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