The Years Shall Run Like Rabbits

January has been good to me, therefore: 2015, you're too much.
And I like that.

+ I finished yet another semester!
Last night was our presentation and it went very well. There are still a lot of things to work on, but the work and improvement shows. Hard work is all it takes. Here's to more!

+ I did a week intensive dance course and it was AMAZING. Possibly one of the best experiences and fun I've had ever; not to mention learning experience, too. Oof.
February will take me back to it in good ole NYC.
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+ My sister is pregnant and doing well. I can't wait to meet the baby.

+ I feel good and necessary changes coming.

+ Weekends have been fun because they have been all about "Double Features".
I'm taking the Oscar race serious this year.
(I actually have a pending post on Boyhood, hope to post it up soon)

+ I'm happy. Happy, happy, happy. 

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