This is what I looked like today.

Almost fully healthy - thank goodness!
Being bed-ridden was starting to drive me crazy. 

I did pick up my ukulele though, after... 2 years? 1 year? It had been a long time.
I remember finger placements but not what chords they are. 

I'm almost done reading The Book Thief and I feel the tears coming.

I feel like I'm finally getting back on track, life-wise. Me-wise.
It feels good.



  1. I feel stupid for not knowing you were bed-ridden. Did I miss it or did you just never share before? Anyway, I'm glad your health is getting better and I hope you will reach that 100% real soon!

    My own health took a not so nice turn again as well, but it does help me get more reading done. Which is probably the reason you're nearly done with the book thief as well. I hear everyone rave about it, but actually only read a part and lost interest. Let me know if it's worth finishing though;)

    And it's great you've picked up the ukulele again! I play a lot of guitar but was given a little uke by an old neighbor of mine. It's confusing that the chords are so different though! I really should practice that too.

    Anyway, good luck with everything! It's nice to read your posts again:)

  2. I don't think I did post anything here; it wasn't anything serious, just a cold/fever/virus thing.

    Yeah, it had been a while since I had proper reading sessions- so that's one good thing about being sick ;) I saw the movie (The Book thief) and really enjoyed it so it finally forced me to pick up the book. It does start off a little slow and the structure in general is a little strange to get into, but I think it is worth it!

    It's fun to just fiddle with chords and strum :)