Social Networks & New Year's Resolutions...

Is it just me or is everyone hopeful for 2014?
I include myself in this.
But there really seems to be a lot of promise in this new year. There's something in the air. Or the cosmos.

I plan to read more.
Go on dates.
Watch more movies.
Worry less.
Create more.
Judge less.
And have fun, overall.

Waking up from a 2 year lull never felt so good. The hazy veil is being lifted off slowly, but I feel like I'm beginning to see a lot clearer.
Of truly going into the direction I want to go. Become what I want to be and who I already am.

So I wish you all your heart's desires for this 2014!
Go out and live life & make the best of everything.
Be curiouser and curiouser!


Other notes of worth:
+ I've joined goodreads ! Hopefully this'll entice and encourage me to read more. Anyone else out there? Would love to connect through there too!

+ I started watching Sherlock and have been sucked into it.

+ I was surprisingly delighted by 'About Time' (the film)

+ I will write on my blog more often, even if they are nonsensical ravings.

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  1. I like those resolutions! I think resolutions should be ones that make you happier at the end, otherwise what's the point! Happy new year :)

    1. That is very, very true :)
      Happy 2014 to you!