In Which I Count My Blessings (And Recap the Year in Pictures)

Remember how the world was going to end 10 days ago?*
And here we are- ready to ring the new year: 2013!

To say this year has gone by in a flash would not only be a cliché but it's a gross understatement.
2012, gone in the blink of an eye.
But I'm not complaining.

After a(n emotionally) tumultuous 2011, this year proved to be so much more than I expected; it opened  up my eyes and mind to the world around me and to the person I am. To the person I am still becoming.

So- to cut out the mushy stuff- here're a couple of highlights of this year.**

1. I travelled to Asia for the first time ever*** and lived in Bangkok for 6 full months.
I learned some Thai****, learned to smile more often, experienced a proper green tea ceremony with Japanese ladies, saw some of the most beautiful sunsets, was re-united with a college friend and overall enjoyed all the little things in life.




You can view my photos here

2. I officially drive in & around the city, by myself.
I got my driver's license last year but it wasn't til this year that I put it to good use and can call myself a real driver.

3. I  cut my hair short. Very short.
And now I fear I can never go back.

4. I'm a student, once again.
And it makes me happy. I'm getting over my fear of singing in public and embracing my love of musicals- after being a closeted fan for years.

5. I'm a teacher.
Something I never saw myself doing and swore against- yet I enjoy it. It's an incredible learning experience as it is gratifying.
Plus, there's the school vacation calendar... *wink wink*

6. My gratitude journal (which I began this year in February)
I truly am grateful for all the little things in life and am so blessed.

7. Hey, I read 19 books (& some plays) this year.
I hope to read more again (ha, and I call myself an English degree graduate....) but for someone who gave up on a lot of things in 2011, it's a start!
I read my first Agatha Christie novel and joined my first bookclub ♥ ♥

8. I am a quarter of a century old.
Finally hit that big 2-5 mark-yikes. But it feels good.

9. I met some new (and awesome) people and am happy to have them in my life. I've also kept in touch with those far away, those I care for immensely.

10.  I had a snowy Christmas.
And was reunited with my niece & nephew (and brother & sister-in-law) after a year of 'separation'.

11. I've never felt more at home in Mexico.
For reasons that I can (& can't) explain, I've grudgingly lived in my home country for many years.
And for yet a whole other bunch of reasons that I can't (& can) explain, something changed this year.
Mexico sure isn't perfect- in a lot of ways, really- but it's home. And it's charming It's beautiful.
It's a grand city.

12. Myself > myself
I've mentioned it a couple of times on the blog- it's something I'm still working on- and I've come to terms with who I am. I'm cool with messing up. I'm happy to make a nuisance of myself.
YOLO, right?*****

What are some of the highlights of your 2012?
Any epiphanies worth noting?

So, let's ring in the New Year with open arms (and jiving hips)!
[Earth, Wind & Fire's September is also worth a listen to get your groove on. Or for any occasion really.]
*Wishing you a spectacular 2013*
from Tumblr

* Poor misunderstood Mayans...
** cue My Favourite Things
*** And travelled around (some) surrounding countries.
**** Chan phuut pahaasaa Thai dai mai nitnoy!
***** Eeeeh, I said YOLO.

All pictures taken by me unless otherwise noted


  1. What an eventful year! :o) Glad it was a good one for you! And yes, YOLO. Might as well make it worth it.

    1. Right?!
      Thanks :) Hope yours was a good '12 too!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you- and thanks for stopping by!

  3. Viva Mexico indeed (sorry I get pride when I see the flag haha)! WowyYou had so many achievements in 2012! Also, a gratitude journal is so genius and reading 19 books and plays sounds enviable! I hope your 2013 is just as exciting and fulfilling! xx

    1. Si, Viva! :)
      The gratitude journal has been one of my favourite things of the year. Thanks, hope 2013 is great for you too!

  4. What a fun, eventful year Mariana! Love your decision to cut your hair short. I love it! It suits you so well. I went short this year too and it's one of the best decisions I made. Yay for hair makeovers in 2012 and for many more in 2013!