In Retrospect

My days in Bangkok are coming to an end. 
Today I had my last Thai class. This marks my last weekend here. Monday will be my last full day in Thailand.
And I do not know what to make of this!

Although it's not terribly exciting on why I spent 6 months in Thailand*, it has been an incredibly gratifying and unforgettable experience. I pride myself in being adaptable (even though there were times the language barrier / cultural differences got the best of me) and I can truly say Bangkok was my home.
 If only for a while.

I did not master the Thai language but am able to leave understanding every other word and have become sensitive to speech.** I've learnt to eat phet (spicy) and with nothing but a spoon and fork. 
I rode on tuk tuks and motorcycles (clutching to the seat for my life!) and favoured the BTS (Skytrain) over a car- traffic jams are the real deal here (and I've also discovered Fruit Ninja is the best game to play in traffic).
Asia has helped me free my kawaii/cute side, something I rarely owned. And it feels good.

One of the main reasons I was looking forward to coming (apart from always wanting to come to Thailand, that is) was to TRAVEL. Here I was going to be, for the first time, in Asia. And here I was going to be with all these new countries right around the corner.
*sigh* Everything looks closer on a map.
And one forgets about air fares. And accommodation. And other important travel expenses. And Visas. And... you get the point.

That's not to say I am going away "empty handed".
Here's a sneak peak at my recent travels/re-discoveries.... (not in chronological order)



Laos: Kouang Si Waterfall & Mekong River


Thai Sights


Ko Samed


Cambodia: Ta Prohm, Siem Reap

I will be writing sparsely in the coming weeks as I settle back home, cry a little over being a year older (not really), return to classes, visit my family and take everything in, calmly. 
Changes will come, blog-wise. ***

When I think about it, if anyone has had an overall good and happy life, I can say I have.
And to say I am grateful is an understatement.

Hope you all have a lovely and beautiful weekend!

* My father was transferred here for work and I just tagged along. My 24 year old self. Jobless. 
** That's what five tones in one language will do to you!
*** So far, this blog is nowhere how I had wanted/imagined it to be. That's neither good nor bad. I think it's a reflection of my airy-fairy personality, which is something I'm actively working on.


  1. Beautiful pictures, as always!

  2. Oh goodness, these photos are magical! Lovely, lovely; I've never traveled out of the country, much as I'd love to (notoriously afraid of flying, as you might've known) so I never tire of reading about/seeing other peoples' adventures. It looks like it was a beautiful journey, you should be so proud for having accomplished it! Hope you have a safe trip back - and also, I'm sorry I don't stop by enough, it's shocking the way time gets away from me. Boring, non-traveling me. ;)

    1. You are definitely not boring! Also, you never know- maybe one day airplanes won't be so daunting and you'll take a great leap across the pond to other places. Either way, your country is just as beautiful and diverse as others :) Plenty to see there!
      I had a lovely time and am so happy and blessed to have travelled to those places. I definitely took something from them all.
      Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. Such a pretty place *o*